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Welcome to SA Chameleons

This site was initially created to provide information for keeping chameleons in South Africa.  It is still the only site to do so. However, we moved to Malaysia four years ago. So the SA no longer stands just for South Africa but now also for Shah Alam.

Our breeding group of Veiled chameleons is doing well in Malaysia and the first batch of babies has started hatching.

There are surprisingly few differences between keeping chameleons in South Africa and doing so in Malaysia.  They tend to be minor ones, like the quality of crickets in Malaysia. 

As neither country is the same as the US or Europe, its means that some of the information provided in books aimed at keepers in those countries is not relevant and can lead to difficulties.  Obviously, the basics remain the same but through this site it is hoped that the differences can be identified and resolved.

In an effort to provide you with as much information as possible, a new book has been released: The Beginner's Guide to Exotic Chameleon Care. Even if you have kept chameleons for years, why not download a copy? It is free.

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Please check the Books section.  You will find another book written for chameleon enthusiasts everywhere, plus a book on breeding insects as food for your animals.  Those who know me are aware that one of my favourite topics is the need to give a chameleon a varied and nutritious diet. Find out how.

Carpet Chameleon
Female carpet chameleon

Tamatave Panther chameleon
Tamatave panther chameleon

Chameleons are fascinating and amazing creatures, always popular with anyone who sees them. Species such as Panther chameleons, Carpet chameleons and Veiled chameleons each have a charm of their own.
If the correct conditions are provided they are not difficult to keep but unfortunately some species have gained a bad name, such as the Mellers Chameleon.  This is often due to the quality of the animals after they have been smuggled into the country.  In other cases, the pet shops that sell the animal do not provide the correct information.  Sadly, this is true in both South Africa and Malaysia.

If you buy captive bred chameleons from a reliable source you will find that these wonderful creatures can be maintained for many years.

Jackson Chameleon
Male Jacksons chameleon

Please note that there are strict regulations about keeping native South Africa chameleons and that only exotic animals are featured on this site. 

Gongyles Praying Mantis
Gongyles gongyloides mantis

As well as chameleons, I have always been fascinated by the diversity of insects that are available in South Africa and Malaysia.  To keep chameleons healthy, in any country, a knowledge of insects is essential - it is the staple food and a varied diet is the key to success. (Please see the section on Books)

My interest in insects has gone beyond feeder foods.  If you wish to see a sample of some amazing insects - or even get ideas on insects as chameleon food - have a look at the section on this site.

If you want to see or learn more, then please check out the Links on the navigation bar.

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